Dear Black Pearl Customers,

Black Pearl located at 3245 Sierra Road - San Jose, CA 95132
will be closed beginning 9/1/2017.
We hope to re-open as soon as possible to serve you. We will announce the re-opening as soon as we have a solid date. For now, please continue to support Black Pearl by visiting our 2nd location located at
1055 E. Brokaw Road #40 - San Jose, CA 95131


Black Pearl

1055 E Brokaw Rd #40 - San Jose, CA 95131 | (408) 320-2285


Black Pearl is a one of a kind food and drink eatery. With its bubbly and welcoming atmosphere, Black Pearl caters to people of all ages. We are better known for our tapioca pearl drinks that come in all sorts of delicious flavors that can range from a simple milk tea to any of our fruity concoctions! We hope that our customers will continue to visit us and that we make new customers everyday!